Monday, 2 July 2012

Glimmer of Red

SO..! to fill up my boring holiday, my friend sharon helped me to do a photoshoottt.
It was her idea and of course I am excited about it!
I love you I love you hahaha thanks thanks thanks to her! :p together with my another friend, Jessica :D
I can't really remember actually what did we do that time. Initially they came to my house, did the photoshoot there. Then we had lunch together and watch movie and bla bla bla... so cliche
ok, here some photos!

haha! I find the expression of my face was very funny
together with my dog, pst. it has new haircut. bald :(


I love this photo! haha
I think it was accidentally taken, when I was about to pose
dress- ask sharon, bag-LV epi leather in red, heels-guess

will update more photos in the following post.
ps : I cut my hair. quite short

bye :*

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