Saturday, 19 May 2012

first post!

The hardest thing to do about writing is, how-to-start
Since I am not a good writer, okay not even a writer, I will just start with sharing my, hobby?
I love making dolls, from clay.
I started learning how to make figurines using clay when I was aroun 10 years old. I took class, together with some of my "little" friends. From that time till now, I am using clay products from Japan. It'll be very light and bouncy when it dries! super cute. Just by putting it in an open air and it will be dried in less than 24 hours. I use a lot of clay-brand, one of them is jumping clay. It's said that it's not harmful at all and really safe to play for children. haha

so I keep practicing how to make a good clay each day every day.  Sometimes I find the object that i want to craft via online, a lot of inspirations i found online.
okay! I will just show you my work!

for raymond's birthday! :D
second anniversary

For my best friend's birthday! :)
in frame haha

hehe! my very first favourite.
actually I have more :( . One of them is a girl wearing a purple gown, and behind it I made a pillar with purple,pink and yellow flowers! 
the other one I made a couple playing piano and yes I regret for never capturing it!
super sad.

I think that's all to start my blog :)