Wednesday, 29 August 2012

mini Escape!

Wilsons Promontory or I always call Wilson Prom! it's a really really good place for you who like to see a breath taking scenery.
So it was a quick and short "holiday", I spent there with 6 other friends, for 3 days 2 nightss
The planning was so sudden, and at first it's quite worrisome for me since I still have test and assignment for the upcoming week.
but but but....
oh my God, I was having TOO much fun there, and I am not regretting anything, for wasting my weekend not studying which is actually I need to prepare it well for my upcoming exam.

haha, all the togetherness, fun, laugh and everything just wash away all my worries hahahahahahahaha *evil*

I'm lazy now, freaking lazy

Have I told you about the incredibly amazing view?
here it is, bunches photos!!!!!

introducing.... the driver!!

jeng jeng

our preparation of bringing the foods, spice, and stuff. it's A L O T

bolster, bags, WE'RE readdyyyyyyy

so comfy ? 

rency so cool


concentrating. how to waste 3 hours of journey!!
playing phoonee

helo helo ?

the driver kept singin all the way to wilson prom. nice strength
hahaha kidding

3 hours, I spent it to sleep.. zZzZzz
and I don't know how, suddenly I've arrived to the cottage

the cottage is called sea eagle cottage. there's no signal at all. 50km from city, and... oh my god so I spent 3 days there without any communication with outer world. 
like an alien

but but....
HERE it is!!
OUR lovely super comortable and breath taking cottage hahahaha

whoooaa the entrance. I was so amazed that time. wah wah, who's that rich guy who built this freaking good cottage here, in a remote place. 

the first bed room. near the entrance door. so spacious and so many rooms. we can sleep everywhere
nya nya nyaa

 the living room.. ugh ugh ugh.
this is where we gonna spent the rest 48 hours.

 living room.. nnananana

 kitchen lalala. this place is so remote, we can't go out to find food, but we have prepared!! brought ALL THE kitchen toolllssssssss

 another bedroommmm ^o^

to see dolphin, whale, star? too bad it was windy and super cold so.. no star. and.. no moon. 
but seriously it was said that you can see dolphin and whale from here. maybe walrus as well.'

bath room. even my own bathroom is not like this.

that's all for the cottage.

nice riighhtt???

 haha! happy us is H  A P PP Y  Y Y Y YY Y X X / / too happy

 take photo to post to facebook! they said

 chef is ready to cook

 chef Yolandaaaaaa

 the three nothing to do girls. chill oooouutz and waiting for the foood to be done.

edward cooking.
master chef junior semarang

 bored with cooking he tried to find dolphin inside the house. too bad there's only whale *if u know what i mean*

 watching horror movies. nice try

 and dinner tiiimmee

 how's the food? i give 5 stars! aaa so deliciouuss thankyou yolanda and edwarrrddd

 after eating, need to clean out everythign our self. See Adit with his super weapon. clean here and there.

 chef preparing for tomorrow's food :D
thankyou thankyou agaaiiinnnnn ^*^

after eating then we played cluedo. A detective board game, it was really fun, we played, watch movie.. playing.. watch movie.. talking.. then everyone fell asleep..


and, in the morning ^_^

the scenery is glorious!! the weather was pretty good as well even it's abit windy. okay, SUPER windy actually

 the view from our cottage. our neighbors. haha

 there's no curtain to cover when you are taking a bath. haha! who dare to bathe here.

edward with his sleepy face, preparing breakfast. haha good boy

yolanda - edward our cheefff

 and woaaaa
five star breakfast at wilson prom!!


SEE?! having breakfast with this marvelous view. oh my,. my life is a bliss


eat eat eat
 see how peaceful the place is? haha
i love love love love that place so much

hehe! trying to pose .

 girls must take photos!
next destination : squeaky beach!!
I heard that the sand will squeak when you step on it.
so I wanna try it
my whole life is a lie
it's not squeaky at all


pretty pretty girls!


on the way to the second destination!!!


 natally me yolanda

a blissful scenery. how great is our God

 our favourite drink wong lo kat
hoho. we brought like... 20 cans? and it was all vanished! *cling* cos we drank it  duh

 "hore sampekkk."

 foto dulu foto duluuuu

yep! 300meters is short!

 Squeaky beeachhh!!!

wowow keren kerennn


raise up your haaaandddd! \^o^/

 fail jumpp

 heap of sand

 we've finished playing, and we went back to our cottage.
time for....


dinner and desseerrttt

too bad we were too hungry and so was i.. I didnt have time to snap the picture of our dinner,. haha who cares? I'm sure you're not that interested with food photos haha!

but here's the desswerrrtz


and we're playing agaiinn. now

 bangkrut, ngambek..

 juragan kaya.
uang kertas


 ah, last day of our trip.
10 am we must leave the place in clean condition, just as the first time we stepped in. haha
it was soo so so tiring but fun. all rubbish must be thrown away to a i dont know where, it's quite far from the cottage! only for the rubbish we need to walk so far!
for breakfast. supermie. fast and delicious

 so many funny accident happened when we were cleaning the place, like.. the sink became a fountain and haha we need to wipe it like 10 times cos it wet the ceiling as well!
and... alot of other things happened ^o^
many videos I recorded there, but I don't know whether i should upload it or not.

 "the best time is when you spend it with best friends, it brings the best moments and memories" - k.e
" full of laughter and happiness. this is what a young stupid teens like us should have"

 living young and wild and free ~

bye <3