Sunday, 24 June 2012

make up table

Girls and make up are two inseparable things. Every girl loves make up, I love make up, a simple and light one. You can say I am a hoarder. I love buying make up just because they have nice packaging and I'll end up never use it.
Actually a lot of my make up I got it from my sister. If you say I have alot of make up, then you haven't seen my sister's. She has like 1000x times more make up than what I ever had my entire life.
Which I think that is a good thing! So she can descend it to me :p

my dressing table. the new lamps just arrived several days ago! I love it
it's all in pink rose ornament, really matches with my blog's layout

take a look closer. comb, AC remote, hairclip and stuff

my make up pouch, I always bring it everywhere I go. 
powder, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, lip gloss, blush on is a must in my pouch. 
I always try to minimize the usage of my make up, let my skin breath more often.
I don't put powder all over my face. I emphasize more around my eyes area only to cover my "oily part", it  already helps me to look fresher. 

waa, yes my favourite brand for eyeliner and eyebrow liner.
K-palette. I just love it, it stays long, waterproof, but it's easy to be removed! it's not like my other previous eyeliner, when I cleaned it, the ink will spread around my eyes then will dirt the area around my eyes. But NOT Kpalette. it's just perfect for me.
however ,  it's quite hard to find K-palette products in indo, but it can be found online. sometime.

eyeshadow from Lancome.
they're just good! I love using it.

mac. can u see my scratched-hello kitty mac powder? :( 
I never use that powder until now. haha

bunch of blush on, body shop, nyc, and alot more I can't remember. This bulk of blush on I got from my sister. aw yeah! 

and here some of my sister's stuff.
naked 2 palette which is so popular recently, (i think).  I didn't know she has it!

gloss gloss gloss! girls love glossy lips


and.. not only 1!

Tom Ford lipstick

my piano jewelry box!

so yesterday I went out with my friends. Meet up after a quite long while. here some photos :D
Marcia Victor Me!

happy us will always happy :D

okay last.....


my dog's taking a bath
what a world

so relieve after bathe